”İngilizceyi sadece öğrenmek için değil, yaşamak için..’


  • Experienced in language education and training,
  • Approved by institutions of the country of higher education (British Cultural Association, American Cultural Association…),
  • Offering the opportunity to speak English in the most natural environment,
  • Classes suitable for learning English ,
  • In the course environment speaking with 10-15 people,
  • The possibility to practice English in daily life with international classes,
  • Classes according to age groups and English levels.


  • Inspected by the governments of the country,
  • Special training in foreign student training,
  • Encouraging and supporting to the practice in English,
  • Interested in student the arrival and departure of the student,
  • Continuing to practice English with roommates from different nationalities in a warm, caring and safe homestay or campus accommodation.


  • Follow-up of students and group leaders who know the region well visited,
  • Daily student performance evaluation,
  • Weekly family or campus visits,
  • Sim card of the country where each student is located,
  • Ability to communicate with their children at any time economically,
  • Parents’ meeting with school and family facilities.